The New Republican=How to build the GOP’s next generation

“Obama promised change. He’s brought it to the GOP, contributing more to our renewal than any Republican since Ronald Reagan. We should not confuse the Democratic party’s breakdown with Republican achievement, however. Three Democratic errors doesn’t mean we hit a triple. It just brings Republicans to bat……. “

“……When Republicans refuse to lead, when we refuse to offer solutions to America’s imposing challenges, our party becomes worse than irrelevant: It becomes dangerous. In an increasingly turbulent world, a party of no solutions is an organization that invites chaos. Republicans who only say “No” are seen as selfish, laissez-faire advocates of uncertainty and enablers of anarchy. And so we hand our adversaries the car keys. European-style socialism ascends, not because it works, but because it is the only idea contending for social responsibility in the vacuum of a leaderless world…..A New Republican might tell young, jobless millennial voters, “I think the best way to grow the economy is bottom-up and organically like Facebook. My opponent, like most Washington insiders, thinks it is top-down like an assembly-line or the army….”


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