List of some FL Primaries

 FL  Primary Busters:


Rubio: of Course…rising rising !!!!

Saw Rubio last night at the Orange County Rep. Executive Committee. Very very nice. He was not followed by an entourage of aides and advisors, as  a lot of politicians of that scale are. He went around and made himself available to everyone there and greeted everyone with the utmost respect and enthusiasm, despite him being tired- his schedule that day, as with all his days, was horrendous. He spoke specifically to everyone that came to him and didn’t look past them, wasn’t distracted, didn’t brush anyone off or cut the conversation short. That’s just him on a personable level. (ya, ya, I know that is what politicians do, but this blog is primarily about Rubio,  so of course I’m going to shine a bright,  kind  and geneous light on him But on a serious note, there was a fire in his eyes fueled by the constitution, freedom and love of state and country. ) God Bless him.

As far a Rubio on a political level- well…I dare say he’s damn near perfect!!!

Agriculture commissioner 

 State Sen. Carey Baker  – I’ve met him on several occasions, nice personable,  strong candidate with a solid conservative platform.  He’s a gun store owner (which makes him a small business owner) + served in Iraq. He’s a fighter for vaules, beliefs and ideals.

But, most telling of all  is that he named his daughter Reagan– what else needs to be said?

Attorney general

Rep. Holly Benson-I do not know her, or about her.  If her web site is anything like her campaign, she will lose- weak.   Her website has no substance. I don’t understand this … A candidate who is running for office doesn’t have a functional working website that I can garner information from?? And no, it is not too early to post relavant information.

Pam Bondi, Tampa prosecutor-I know nothing of her.  No website, no nothing on her other than losing custody of a dog (ya, that is odd….. and silly). Not having a website is what is really silly.


Dockery -Again. another weak website. I understand she announced her intention of running on the 10th.  I would think that you would have a website that list issues and your record prior to a your announcment,- kind of like announcing a store sale and pricing the items marked down. Dockery simply has a now defunk countdown to her announcement, a contribution link and an email sign up list.


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