Effective Republican Use of Technology – Finally!!!

Wanted to direct attention to the use technology by a successful Republican.

“Impressive Online Campaign for Virginia Governor.”  over @ e.politics

In summation:

“1. Website
McDonnell’s site is excellent from start to finish, with a BarackObama.com-inspired visual style, clear organization and plenty of ways for supporters to get involved.

2. Google Advertising
McDonnell’s been all over Google advertising for months now; his ads first started appearing here on e.politics back in the Spring.

3. Ning Network
Impressively, McDonnell’s Ning network has picked up over 2500 members, though much of the actual activity (blog posts, video) seems to be campaign-created.

4. Text Messaging
McDonnell’s website and at least some of his real-world outreach actively promote his SMS text-messaging program — I’ve seen “text xyz to [shortcode]” prominently featured on his yard signs!

5. Social Networking Outreach
But as the Richmond Times-Dispatch also notes, McDonnell has roughly twice as many followers on most social sites as Deeds, a fact that may reflect the relative enthusiasm of the candidates’ supporters as much it does anything about their strategies.”


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