Shut the Hell up Michael Steele!! (Dead Meat)

Dead Meat-RINO

Dead Meat-RINO

This Chairman, who not long ago had a blog titled “What is Up?”, wants to speak on behalf of a party which not long ago sent out a questionnaire on how to rebuild the party. This Chairman that endorsed a RINO, who in turn dropped out and endorsed the Democrat wants to tell me that he and the establishment made the right decision….. who says if you don’t live in the district,, than your opinion doesn’t matter….?

 Look at this fool @

For your comments I label you Dead Meat Michael Steele (Again, Dead Meat is not a call for murder or political assissination- simply a term (that rhymes with Red Meat) which means your usefulness to the Conservative Masses is Dead to us. Red meat, on the other hand is an aspiration- as your red blooded American from a Red State)


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